Thankfully Inspired, LLC's mission is to empower parents and help children become the best communicators they can be. This is achieved through collaboration between the Speech-Language Pathologist and the parents or caregivers. Each child is unique and has its own set of strengths. These strengths will be utilized to improve his or her weaknesses. Through online and in-home treatment options our services are convenient, collaborative, flexible, and accommodating.  This enables our clients to achieve the best of their ability. 


At Thankfully Inspired, LLC you can expect:

  • Continued Parent / Caregiver education and training.

  • Services provided by a therapist who participates in continuing education and professional development.

  • An SLP who will collaborate with all related disciplines to better support your child’s progress.

  • Recommendations specific to your child and refer to another provider if needed.

    • The goal is always progress and growth for your child. If your child needs more services than our therapist can provide more appropriate care will be recommended.